So your AC is acting up and you’re thinking of going to a provider of AC repair in Jacksonville and asking for their services. Before you make the call, you might want to check if your warranty is still valid. The last thing you want is an unexpected bill for something you thought was covered by a warranty. Unfortunately it can sometimes be easy to invalidate your warranty. Here are top 3 ways you might void your air conditioner warranty:

1. Making Repairs Using Off-Brand Replacement Parts

This is a very simple, sometimes appealing way you can void your warranty. When you go DIY or hire a cheap handyman or unlicensed repairman to handle the repairs, you run the risk of using a part that invalidates your warranty. An off-brand part is something that is not made by the original manufacturer of the unit. If a replacement part was made by some other company, then whatever happens next to your AC is no longer the problem of the original manufacturer in their mind.

2. Skipping Regular Maintenance

Turns out if you don’t get regular checkups for your AC, there’s a chance that it’s a violation of the terms and conditions of your warranty. A lot of warranties require checkups, at least once a year, in order to avoid voiding the terms and conditions. Some people might want to avoid shelling out for the annual maintenance visit. If that ends up causing your warranty to get voided, then you could end up having to spend more for those repairs in the long run

3. Forgetting to Register Your AC

Did you know your AC has to be registered with the manufacturer? If you don't, your warranty might be shortened or completely invalid from the very start. Most manufacturers give homeowners a deadline to complete their registration of 60-90 days after installing the AC. Many people tend to put it off till tomorrow until it totally slips their mind. Make sure to check with the company that you bought your AC from. They might have registered your unit on your behalf.

Contact the Pros for AC Repair in Jacksonville

Those are the main ways you might void your AC’s warranty. Now you can make sure you won’t accidentally invalidate it and end up having to shelf out when you don’t have to. If you are in need of AC repairs in Jacksonville, make sure you are working with a professional company like Florida Roof & Air. We will get your AC back to blowing cool and refreshing air in no time!